The Healthy Dog 2012 Dog Photography Calendar

by | Oct 7, 2011 | editorial

We are incredibly excited to announce our very first mass-produced, mass-marketed 12-month dog photography wall calendar! This has been in the works for over a year now, and we are so happy the day is finally here!

The calendar is chock-full of our engaging and happy images of dogs, as well as tips on how to keep them healthy year-round. The calendar is produced by Portland OR publishing company Amber Lotus, and can be purchased through their website or at retail stores nationwide, including Whole Foods.

Purchase the Healthy Dog 2012 12-month wall calendar by clicking this link.

You can also purchase the calendar online through Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and

The official press copy reads:

“You know dogs. They’re loyal, lovable and masters of living in the moment. But do you know how your dog can be earth-friendlier, stronger and smarter? Not to mention healthier, happier and a better companion to you? The Healthy Dog wall calendar teaches you what your dog should really be eating, learning and doing. Full of useful information and adorable, laugh-out-loud photos, it’s bound to help you be a better companion to your dog. Save money, have fun and create a happier, greener world for your pooch. It’s enough to keep your tail wagging all year long.”

The Healthy Dog, 2012 Dog Calendar back

Keep tabs on the Amber Lotus facebook page, where in the upcoming future you can read about my own healthy dog, and watch out for our 2013 calendar!