Premium stock dog and cat photos

Premium Stock Dog and Cat Photos

Jamie licenses her content to a wide variety of different pet brands for advertising and marketing use.


Brands typically source dog and cat stock images from her for high-value use, including but not limited to:

  • paid digital ads
  • website hero photos
  • printed ads
  • trade show banners
  • POS signage
  • other high-value use where metrics matter


Images can be licensed independently of a shoot, or in addition to creating custom imagery where budget constraints necessitate using some ‘filler’ stock that is still consistent in look and feel to the custom images Jamie creates.


The photos are the ‘raw material’ that can be molded to fit each clients unique brand style.

Jamie and her team can replace backgrounds, extend sides/top/bottom, darken, lighten, punch up or desaturate colors, and create a whole new look altogether.

The most important part of the photo is the pet’s expression, which is impossible to ‘fake in Photoshop’.


This is a small sampling of Jamie’s 3,000-image stock pet photo library.


Click here to see a larger gallery with over 350 photos , and/or get in touch with Jamie to have her create a lightbox with images that fit your specific project needs.