Pet Photography Retouching Services

Retouching Services

Jamie considers a photo to be ‘raw material’ that she can bend and mold to meet her clients’ needs.

She uses her graphics tablet and pen to push and pull pixels, perfecting photos through a process we call ‘retouching’.

Retouching of her pet photos includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • removing drool
  • cleaning treat crumbs
  • removing eye boogers
  • sharpening eyes
  • cleaning up fur
  • removing dandruff
  • swapping out skies
  • masking subjects
  • fixing perspective issues
  • cleaning up tear/fur stains
  • selecting dodging and burning (lightening and/or darkening)
  • adding lens flare for drama
  • selectively altering colors
  • so much more…

To that end, Jamie provides retouching services for her pet brand clients, whether they are hiring her for an animal shoot or using a different animal photographer for their project.

She also provides retouching for her child and human photos through trusted creatives.

Whatever your needs are for your pet and/or child campaign, Jamie will make sure your final deliverables shine.

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