Fergie Dreams Personal Photography Project

Fergie Dreams Personal Photography Project

Fergie was Jamie’s heart dog and the inspiration for her photography from the time Jamie adopted her from a Seattle animal shelter in February 2006 until Fergie passed in August of 2018. To this day Jamie still refers to Fergie as “the love of my life”.

Fergie Dreams is a deeply personal project for Jamie, and one that reflects how she sees her beloved dog in her memories and imagination.

The project began when Jamie was attending the Palm Springs Photo Festival and had a distinct vision of Fergie. The vision was like a still scene from a movie or TV, and was partially inspired by the cinematography in the TV show Bloodline, which Jamie had been watching at the time.

The vision was moody and ethereal, and more visceral than literal. A fantasy of a dog whose presence was larger-than-life, yet still somehow just out of reach, like a sleep-induced dream.

After she returned home from the festival she made that vision come to life, capturing a photo of Fergie and manipulating it in Photoshop to produce what you see here.

That singular photo, (the purple one at the top), turned into a little series called ‘Fergie Dreams’.

Fergie Dreams won honorable mention in the IPA photography awards, one of Jamie’s proudest photography achievements because of just how deeply she loved her sweet girl.

ipa animal photography award honorable mention