The honest kitchen lifestyle dog photography commission

The Honest Kitchen Lifestyle Dog Photography Commission

Experiencing explosive growth in the healthy organic pet food market, The Honest Kitchen sought Jamie’s help in creating a library of lifestyle dog images to use in their various marketing and advertising strategies, both for their own company and for partner use.

They photographed employee’s dogs in and around San Diego over the course of two days, capturing them in a variety of settings and activities.

The results were a collection of fun, engaging lifestyle photos of dogs that were perfect for the brand’s extensive paid advertising and marketing strategies on social media and elsewhere.

The digital marketing manager said this when she saw the shots:

‘You really did an amazing job capturing all of the distinct personalities of the pups!’

Jamie loved working on the Honest Kitchen project, because not only is she a fan of the brand, she is also a long-time customer! 

See the tearsheets from this project here.

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