Pedigree lifestyle dog photography commission

Pedigree Lifestyle Dog Photography Commission

A bunch of great dogs and their friendly owners, a variety of amazing locations in San Francisco and Sausalito California, no shot list, three full days, and a directive to Jamie to ‘just have fun and play’ translated to the shoot of a career.

Jamie was commissioned to create truly authentic, organic photos of ‘dogs just being dogs’ for the Pedigree brand.

The client wanted to see what was possible when they removed the barriers of ‘perfect expectations’, and just went with the flow.

In choosing a commercial dog photographer who specializes in authentic photos, they received truly organic content.

Jamie considers this to be the body of work that best represents her authentic, engaging, joyful photography style. Although she appreciates carefully-crafted shot lists as much as the next commercial photographer, she wishes she could be hired to ‘just play’ on every shoot.

So we know Jamie loves the photos, but how did the art director react when she saw the images?

“Your work is quite honestly phenomenal! I’ve been doing this for 2 decades now and I am so happy Mars backed my decision to hire you.”

And this from the global marketing director:

“Madly in love with the shots. Brilliant job on this shoot. You guys have really managed to capture the authentic and candid dog moments that we’ve been talking about.”


See behind-the-scenes photos from this shoot here.

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