Dog Photography

Dog Photography

Dogs are just the best.

Jamie has been photographing their fun and furry faces since 2009, and loves capturing their most goofy, authentic, joyful, organic selves.

Although she didn’t become the applied animal behaviorist she intended to become after receiving her BA degree in animal behavior, she put her research on canis lupus familiarus to good use.

One of Jamie’s biggest strengths as a dog photographer is impeccable timing.

She can predict and capture a smile, a head turn, a flick of the tongue, a sudden run from a stop and other dog behaviors with uncanny accuracy.

One of her favorite things to do on photo shoots is ‘just play’.

If you are looking for a commercial dog photographer who is skilled at capturing engaging and joyful photos that create an emotional response in consumers that help you  maximize your product and/or service sales, you’ve found your person.