NEW Commercial Animal Photography ‘Behind The Scenes’ gallery

by | May 9, 2022 | behind the scenes

This was easily the best idea I’ve ever had for a gallery, and quite frankly, I don’t know why I didn’t do this many years ago.

As a longtime commercial animal photographer, I get questions all the time about what my job is like. It can be hard to explain in words what it’s like to photograph dogs and cats all day for companies and ad agencies. It’s one of those things where “you kind of have to be there”.

I’ve had so many fun experiences in my commercial pet photography career, from being stood on by a tiny Chihuahua on a LA studio shoot, to being kissed by a camel in Florida to photographing a ‘birthday girl’ in the same place in San Francisco that Sean Connery got his hair cut.

Every day I feel lucky to be a dog and cat photographer, and I’m so stoked to share those experiences in my new BTS gallery.

This is a big gallery loaded with 75 photos and videos taken across a wide variety of shoots over the years. Some of me shooting, some of the environment, some outtakes, and some fun combos of images that show me taking the photo followed by the photo I took. (Yes!)

Fun fact- after I launched this website recently, this gallery was the one that my art director and agency clients loved the most.

I hope everyone else who sees the gallery loves it as much as I do!

Go check out my BTS gallery.

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