Low-key black and white dog (and cat) photos

by | Sep 7, 2008 | personal photography projects

We are always trying to push the envelope here, and one way we do that is through some creative post-processing, like that seen in the low-key black and white dog photos seen in this post.

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FYI: low-key black and white images are those that are mostly very dark (and black) tones, with a much smaller amount of light (and white) tones to define shapes and contrast. True low-key images have very little midtones and are really defined by the striking contrast between the opposite tones. BTW: we were inspired to do this by low-key photos we saw recently of a motorcycle in a large studio. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

The photo below was on the cover of a program invitation for an APA gallery show. It was one of several finalists selected by an esteemed panel of judges.

Most expressive eyebrows on a dog ever.