Engaging, authentic and joyful photos of dogs, cats, kids & people by San Diego & Los Angeles commercial animal photographer Jamie Piper

Pets, People & Kids Photography

If you are an art buyer or marketing director looking for organic, colorful, engaging photos and videos of dogs, cats, people & kids, your search ends here.

San Diego and Los Angeles- based commercial animal photographer Jamie Piper specializes in creating content that brings joy to the hearts of consumers, and improves every metric you measure.

Whether you need photos for an international product launch, videos for a paid social ad campaign, cinemagraphs for a holiday email blast, or anything in between, Jamie and her team have you covered.

‘Madly in love with the shots. Brilliant job on this shoot…you guys have really managed to capture the authentic and candid moments that we’ve been talking about.’

– Global Marketing Director

About Commercial Animal Photographer Jamie Piper

Road-tripping, craft-beer-sipping, dog-adoring professional photographer since 2003. 

Funny, friendly and empathic, Jamie is a true creative partner to her clients. She is exactly who you’d expect her to be based on her photos. No surprises here!

Learn more about her on her about page, or skip right to the fun part and….